Top 5 Blizzard Concerns


Top 5 Blizzard Concerns

I’ve not really had a lot of time to play much of anything recently, but there have been a lot of issues that have been playing on my mind with regards to the direction Blizzard have been going with Warcraft. Following on from Naturalna’s forum post Preparation for 6.1 are Blizzard really doing enough to keep their player base?

Here is a quick run down of my top concerns.

5 – Garrisons

I for one really enjoyed this feature to begin with, I mean who doesn’t want to own their own piece of Draenor? But how long did it take to max out your buildings to tier 3? Not long I’m guessing. Now for me personally the social aspect of WoW is what keeps me logging in, and garrisons seem to be just another activity which takes away from the social value of the game and garrison missions are just a joke, as mentioned in Bellular’s video, it’s just a delayed loot system and to me feels like a highly polished 3D facebook game.

4 – Patch 6.1

As for my concern with the upcoming 6.1 patch let’s take a look at past X.1 patches, or post-expansion patches. Starting with TBC 2.1 saw the introduction of the Black Temple, the Ruins of Lordaeron arena, and druid flight form (I’m sure you druids remember it well). 3.1 for WOTLK saw the introduction of not just Ulduar, but the Argent Tournament and also Dual Talents! Just wow.. for me this patch was the tits, not only did I get a 2nd spec but all of a sudden as a PVPer the gates flew open to finally dabble once more into PVE with the Argent Tourney being so easily accessible for all players. Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub were reopened for Cataclysm’s patch 4.1, many see this as a bit of a cop out rehashing old content but in my opinion still 1-ups 6.1. Patch 5.1 introduced Item level upgrades, Brawlers guild and Battle pet upgrades.. I was not playing at the time of this patch so will withhold judgement, well partially anyway, one thing I will say is: If I wanted to play Pokemon.. I would play Pokemon. Patch 6.1 seems to be finishing off content that should have been integrated with the release of WoD.

3 – AoE tank fest

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away 5 man groups were to a point challenging, even 10/15mans like old school UBRS, you would need decent group composition, you would need CC and your group needed to be switched on.. What ever happened to that? AoE tanking and facerolling through content that has been made far too easy. Now I used to play Pally tank quite a lot and you really had to be careful with your consecrations so as not to interrupt CCs, but now every tank AoEs the focus of 5mans is to faceroll AoE everything down as fast as you can with the occasional change to positioning if a boss fight. I for one miss the good old days and have dabbled in private servers before for these reasons.

2 – World PVP

Arshan… enough said.

1 – Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil (Console version)

Now I don’t mind taking a bit of flack for posting this but many people may not be aware of how blasé Blizzard are towards issues facing the console version of Diablo 3. Hacks everywhere. As this game can operate in offline mode or will use (in my case) Xbox Live there is a definite lack of fucks-giving by Blizzard regarding hacking and exploitation. Item dupes are so easily doable it is a joke, and every time you join a group to play online there is always someone with a Professional Russian’s hacked item. So this is how it works, you log on and play your character to 70, join a game online because, you know that’s where the fun times are to be had, and all of a sudden your party want to join a greater rift. Great! Just what you wanted to progress, the guy with the hacked items steamrolls ahead and your paragon level goes DING DING DING DING DING, all of a sudden you’re 200 paragon level plus for doing nothing. Game ruined.

All in all I’m not too impressed. Thankfully I have Heroes of the Storm to take my mind off things, and what a great job Blizz are doing with this gem of a game.


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