The Arena

The Arena

Welcome to the Arena! This is a challenge for both tribes and solo players across the AstralArk cluster, and as with any great challenge there are great rewards! The Arena is open to all players and is hosted on a dedicated PVE server, allowing us greater freedom to customise the experience. 


How it works

Once a player has travelled to the Arena event of their choosing, they will need to make their way out to the green starting platform. Once all players are on green and ready, the event will start and the first wave of wild dinos will be spawned. 

It is then the players' job to defeat the released dinos to complete that round. It continues in this fashion all the way to the end, but be warned, it does get much harder! You can choose to stop at anytime and will be given the rewards for the levels you have completed if any.


When and Where

The Arena is located on a completely separate PVE server that is linked to the AstralArk cluster. This server will be brought up prior to Arena, allowing players time to transfer dinos and items that they wish to use to compete with. The Arena server will only be available on Wednesdays and Saturdays. To access the server, you can simply go to the nearest obelisk or drop and select "AstralArk - The Arena" from the server transfer list. 

Once transferred, you will need to spawn and travel to the nearest obelisk where you can download your dinos and items. When you have everything you need transferred, you will need to travel through the Stargate at the obelisk to "Dino Storage". You can keep any dinos you want to use for Arena there, just make sure you do not block access to the gate.

Shortly before Arena is due to start, you will need to transfer through the Stargate with your dinos to the relevent Arena event. Once there, make your way to the green starting platform and wait for the event to start. The Stargate addresses for the events are listed with the event names (event details below). 

The Arena will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:00pm UK time and work on a rotating basis. 

  • Wednesday - Normal - Dying Light & Man vs Dinos
  • Saturday - Normal - Death From Above & Strength In Numbers
  • Wednesday - Extreme - Dying Light & Man vs Dinos
  • Saturday - Extreme - Death From Above & Strength In Numbers

These times and events are open to change, so be sure to check and sign up for the events on the website when they are available. 

How can I join?

You need to sign up for each event. To do so, just go to the main page, you will find a "Upcoming Events" section on the left. Once here, click on the link of the bracket you wish to attend and fill the required informations. If you don't sign up for an event, we can't guarantee that you will be able to compete.

To be able to join the Arena server and participate, you will need to download these two mods : Stargate Atlantis [SGA] and GlassMetal.


The Brackets

Man vs Dinos

It's you and your wits versus some of the most dangerous wildlife on the island!

You will have to defeat your enemies one round after another, with only a 2 minutes break inbetween each round.

Your opponents will be level 250 for Normal mode and level 500 for Extreme.

 Content of the bracket per player:

  • Round 1 – 2 Thorny Dragons
  • Round 2 – 2 Mantis
  • Round 3 – 2 Arthropleuras
  • Round 4 – 2 Kaprosuchus
  • Round 5 – 2 Chalicotherium

 Allowed dinos: None


Dying Light 

It's an all or nothing round, will you make it through the night?

Your mission will be to defeat all the dinosaurs, but use your time wisely. You will have 4 minutes before the Megalosaurus wakes up...they like their midnight feasts! You must complete this bracket before the daytime music.

Your opponents will be level 250 for Normal mode and level 500 for Extreme.

Content of the bracket per player:

  • Round - 2 Snakes, 2 Sarcos, 2 Spiders, 2 Scorpions and 2 Megalosaurus

Allowed dinos: Arthropleura/Beaver/Beelzebufo/Direwolf/Gigantopithecus/Kaprosuchus/Megaloceros/Pachy/Procoptodon/Raptor/Saber/Scorpion/Spider/Terror Bird/Thorny Dragon


Death From Above

A first for the Arena, it's time to take to the skies! Flying enemies decided to try their luck against you survivors. Don't forget your parachutes!

Using your own aerial forces, you will have to defeat them, one round after another.

Your opponents will be level 250 for Normal mode and level 500 for Extreme.

Content of the bracket per player:

  • Round 1 - 5* Bats (* 20 per Wyvern)
  • Round 2 – 5* Argentavis (* 20 per Wyvern)
  • Round 3 – 1 Wyvern
  • Round 4 – 1/3 Alpha Wyvern

 Allowed dinos: Argentavis/Ptera/Tapejara/Quetzal/Wyvern - No Platforms


Strength In Numbers

Beware survivors, it's been reported that large numbers of dinos are stampeding this way!

They will appear in waves during each round, whether you managed to clear the arena or not. For Normal mode, you will have 3 minutes before the next wave. For Extreme, you will have 2 minutes before the next wave and 5 additional dinos per player.

Your opponents will be level 150 for Normal mode and Extreme.

Content of the bracket per player:

  • Round 1 - 20* Stegosaurus, 20* Paracer, 20* Brontos  (* 25 for Extreme mode)
  • Round 2 - 20* Allosaurus, 20* Spinos, 20* Rex  (* 25 for Extreme mode)

Allowed dinos: Allosaurus/Bronto/Mammoth/Paracer/Rex/Rock Golem/Spino - No Platforms


Monster Bracket (Under Construction) 

Only the strong will survive....


The Rules

General rules

  • You may bring 1 additional dino into arena with you that can be used as a replacement mount, or on follow to assist you (except for Man vs Dinos)
  • The main gate will be locked during rounds, so any additional dinos must be inside arena
  • Explosives, all tranq weapons, grappling hooks and night vision goggles are banned
  • You can do a bracket multiple times, and can get the prizes again (except any dino rewards)
  • We will not replace any of your tamed dinos, so be careful!
  • This server is for Arena only, there is no building allowed
  • If you die, you may re-join Arena but cannot bring any additional dinos with you. We recommend bringing sleeping bags
  • If you wish to leave your dinos or items on the server, they must be stored on the Dino Storage Island
  • Make sure you transfer your character back to the main cluster after Arena. If this is not done, you will need to wait until the next Arena time


The Prizes (Under Construction)


For the first test run of all the brackets, 3 Red Cave drops will be given to everyone who completes each.