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New Server Cluster

The new server cluster containing The Center, The Island and Scorched Earth is now available! We hope you all enjoy the new servers and the fresh start, we will be updating this post over the next couple days with the […]


AstralArk Server Cluster

With all the changes recently regarding server clusters and transfers among our own community, we came up with an idea that we thought may help rejuvenate the servers and the community. We would like to include The Island map to our […]


Donation Perks

To show our appreciation for the support that you all show to the AstralArk server and the wider community, we have decided to implement some perks for those of you that donate and help keep the Astral servers running. We […]


The Center FAQ

Welcome to The Center As you have no doubt all seen, The Center was a clear winner in the poll with 40 votes to 12. So as promised the main server will be moving over to the new map, and […]


Wipe/Move Update

What happens next? A lot of you have been asking what happens once the poll has finished, so hopefully this will answer your questions. As of writing this, it looks highly likely that the server will be changed to The […]


Server Wipe & Map Change

Patch Information & Summary Patch v241 will introduce the new map “The Center”, this is a player made map that the ark developers have decided to take on as an official map. It is larger than the current map and […]