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DayZ Mod – Battle Of The Bridge

Whether you’re a DayZ fan or not, this has to be one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while, I would strongly recommend giving it a watch! – courtesy of FrankieonthePC! BATTLE OF THE BRIDGE!  


Day Z Standalone – Patch V 0.44.123800

DayZ has received a new stable update, and one that introduces some significant features to the game. More importantly, it removes some significant features. So, as we welcome a new village, a recipe for bow crafting and the ability to […]


DayZ Changes Detailed

Here are the latest changes from the DayZ developer blog, some pretty nice additions from the looks of it. Crossbows will be an especially fun! What are you most looking forward to? DayZ Dev Blog Guaranteed Updates As previously mentioned […]


Day Z Standalone Roadmap

Bohemia Interactive engaged in a Twitch.tv stream broadcasting their presentation at the Rezzed event in the UK, where they revealed the development roadmap for their standalone DayZ title. The development roadmap had details on all their plans for DayZ, which […]


Day Z Standalone – Patch V 0.42.116181

Find out what’s changed in DayZ Standalone v0.42.116181, the latest build of the Steam Early Access game to hit the stable server hive, and how it will affect your future trips to Chernarus. This week’s DayZ update is chock-full of new […]