Server rules

Server rules

General Rules

  • No griefing
  • Keep chat clean
  • Keep map clear
  • Offensive or hateful player, tribe or dino names will not be tolerated
  • Impersonating other tribes or players on the cluster is not allowed
  • No blocking of caves containing artifacts, blocking access to the Underworld or Obelisks
  • No floating buildings
  • Character & dino max level is restricted to the same as the official servers
  • 10 players maximum per tribe
  • 400 dinos maximum per tribe
  • 2 build locations maximum per map
  • Offline Raid Prevention is managed entirely by ORP2, make sure you use it!
  • Play fair! – Admins will use their discretion and punish players or tribes who take things too far


No Build Zones

You can build wherever you want, except on the locations below, and so long as it is within the rules. Please remove the bases you don't use anymore. Ideally keep one main base, to leave some areas for the new comers to set up.

> The Center

Community forge (65 ; 70)


Safe zone (45 ; 52)


Beaver reserve (39 ; 32)


Penguin reserve (35 ; 13)


> The Island

Community forge (42 ; 39)


Safe zone (89 ; 25)


> Scorched Earth

Community forge (47 ; 64)


No Build Location Maps

The Center


The Island

Scorched Earth



New player perks

Safe Zones

One safe zone has been created on The Island and The Center, in enclosed safe areas. They contain all the basic stuff you need to start on our servers, including crafting stations, taming pen, incubation room, running water, grills and fridges. This can all be used for as long as you need or until you're ready to leave to make your own base.

Community Forges

One community forge has been created on The Island, The Center and Scorched Earth to provide an easy way to refine all the raw materials that you gather. These include industrial forges, crafting stations and running water.