Screenshot Competition – Results


Screenshot Competition – Results

It was a close call for me but CONGRATULATIONS to Pippen who takes home a 30 slot Hexweave Bag for his submission above.

I love the pose and the overall feel of the SS.

Honorable mention goes to Naturalna, showcasing the new selfie function in 6.1 below:


Keep your eyes peeled for our next contest!


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Casey is a PC and (notsomuch)XB1 Gamer, all-round nerd from Exeter, UK. Also enjoys Graphic Design, Movies, Skateboarding, WWE, Snooker and Tennis. His gaming roots stem from the NES as a child, into CS/UT2k14 as a teen, World of Warcraft from US Beta as a college student, to a top 1% player in CrossFire as a Uni student.

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  • Naturalna
    Mar 5, 2015 @ 11:21 am

    The question is – who is that badass right next to me? ;D

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