ORP2 – Offline Raid Protection Mod


ORP2 – Offline Raid Protection Mod

We will be trialing the ORP2 mod on the AstralArk cluster for 1 week, starting on the 3rd of January. Assuming all goes well, then this will remain as our standard offline raid prevention system. Please read the below info on ORP2 and have a look at the official mod page for full information. This post will likely be updated to answer further questions, so keep checking back for the latest info on ORP2.

What is ORP2 and why do we need it?

ORP2 is a mod that has been created to prevent offline raiding, it’s designed to do the same job as the official setting but without any of the draw backs. Full info about the mod and the download link can be found here.  Here are just some of the benefits of the mod over the official ORP setting: 

  • Alliances will work again
  • Turrets will still be active and stop people scouting your base while offline
  • Community Forges and other areas will now be usable again
  • Dynamic ORP timer
  • ORP2 logs people within your ORP area and notifies the tribe
  • You can now loot again when using auto demolish 


What happens when I go offline?

When all of your tribe have gone offline, the ORP timer still start to count down and eventually make all of your structures & dinos within the ORP area completely invulnerable. The timer is made up of two parts, the first is a set time which we have put to 5 minutes, the second part is dependent on the size of your base and the quality of the material used in the base. This means that a bigger base made in metal with turrets, would take longer to go invulnerable then a wood base with plant turrets would.

Below are some basic examples, these times are based on the default setting that most ORP2 servers use. We will consider reviewing these after the weeks test.

  • 100 Wood Structures = 16 Minutes 
  • 100 Wood Structures + 10 Plant X = 19 Minutes
  • 100 Stone Structures = 25 Minutes 
  • 100 Stone Structures + 4 Auto Turrets & 6 Plant X = 29 Minutes
  • 100 Metal Structures = 30 Minutes  
  • 100 Metal Structures + 15 Auto Turrets = 40 Minutes


How can I get an ORP Pillar? 

ORP Pillars are available for players level 35 and over and will cost 65 Obsidian, 10 Crystal, 10 Metal and 15 Cementing Paste. 


How many of these ORP Pillars do we get?

You can make 2 ORP Pillars per tribe which is in line with the number of bases we allow per tribe on each server. It will let you make more then 2, but these will be auto deleted so don’t waste your resources ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Will these settings change? 

Yes they might, while I have already tested this, there is only so much that can be done without putting it on a live server.  


As always, if you have questions then post below!




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  • SaintTom
    Jan 28, 2017 @ 21:59 pm

    Quick question – if someone raids you offline now and your property is not protected by an ORP field, is this still bannable as an offline raid or is non-ORP protected property fair game?

    • Lolite
      Jan 30, 2017 @ 12:26 pm

      Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ As stated in the Server rules page now, the offline raid prevention is entirely managed by ORP2. So you will need to have your base protected with ORP2 if you donโ€™t want it raided. Obviously, community areas are not concerned by this rule and are not open to raiding.

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