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    Just a quick one asking about the possibility of the S+ mod and a Stack mod being implemented. I know in the past you have dismissed these mods, but in my opinion it makes the game and the building a lot more bearable. A lot of items actually have uses once S+ is enabled. I also think it would be much more of a draw for new players if these were on the server. Cheers, Jack.


    We have considered S+ and may well look to add it in the future when we relaunch, but for the short term we don’t plan on making any changes. We haven’t actively been looking to bring in new players at the moment due to Me moving house and possible disruption that may cause.

    There will be a post added to the home page as soon as i have some idea of timescales. The servers shouldn’t have much downtime but they will change IP address etc and some work on my side to bring them online again.

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