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    I think the server could do with a little buff. I would like (but do not have to see as its not my server)

    2.5x Taming or even 3

    2x Gather

    3x Exp

    And everything else stay as is. Also the “stacker” mod is really good. Makes the grind less time straining due to things like mutton stacking in 20s rather than 1s. Also, the S+ mod has some great features. Some from S+ are op and maybe should not be added, but some such as S+ walls and smithys are really good. And the fridge can hold wyvern milk and other items not normally allowed in a fridge.


    Just a thought, Vox


    Hello Leebum,

    As you probably noticed, we don’t have a huge population on the server. That is due to the fact that Shadow is in the process of moving houses. Until that is done and Shadow has moved to his new house, we will not make any changes to the rates or the mods on the servers. When we are ready to relaunch the servers, we will make a post on the website about it.
    About Structures+, I am really not a fan of it, it adds too many useless items and to my personal point of view this is really close to cheating for some of the features. We are still trying to avoid as many mods as we can. Though as said above, we will relaunch the servers later, so you can still suggest things and we will have a think about it.



    Ok that is fine. I have been using S+ on the last 2 servers I have been on (one was a previous Astral Ark player’s server and the other was my friends) and it was good to have for some features. Not all.

    I look forward to the relaunch and hopefully a growing community on it.



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