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    Hey guys!

    Some of you probably know that the ARK team is streaming right now and for 24 hours until 5th November 9am PDT to raise funds for the Extra Life Charity to help sick children. If you are wondering what’s going to happen during the stream, there will be some mini-games in ARK played by the dev team, interviews with developers and players, demos and special reveals as they reach their different donation goals and much more! If you want to watch the stream, click here.
    Rewards are available for people who donate, you can find the information just below:

    • ASTRO Gaming has kindly donated two ASTRO A50 Headsets, Mod Kits and Scout Bags to be given to the two streamers who raise the most!
    • The top ten donors will receive an official ARK collector’s edition for the console of their choice.
    • The top donator during the event will get to have a custom cosmetic of their choice added to the game (within reason, to discuss with Studio Wildcard).
    • Donations over $2,500 USD will be added to the ARK credits permanently as an “Extra Life ARK Superfan”.
    • Every donation over $1,000 USD will receive a custom dossier drawn by an official ARK: Survival Evolved concept artist. (Up to ten available)
    • Every streamer who raises over $1,000 USD will receive a custom ARK: Survival Evolved charity-inspired hoodie with their channel name printed on it.
    • Donate over $150 USD to receive a special ARK Extra Life t-shirt!
    • Each donator over $100 USD will receive an ARK poster.
    • Every donor over $10 USD gets entered into a draw for a Collectors Edition that will be conducted at the end of the stream!
    • Every hour, Nitrado will give away a 10 slots / 30 days server voucher (alternating between PC/PS4 and Xbox One).
    • For donations above $150 USD donators are rewarded a 32 slots / 30 days server voucher of their choice from Nitrado (PC/PS4 or Xbox One).
    • Every person that donates to our team will receive a special SurviveTheARK forum badge (redeemable by a code via email). Donators over $500 USD will receive a special gold version badge!

    I might stream a bit, but unfortunately due to my connection and mic that might not be very good quality. The important thing though is to donate to this charity to help sick children. To do so you can use this link. Hopefully our community can raise funds to help those in need, this means a lot!

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