Help support Astral Imperium!

Your donations to Astral Imperium help keep our servers running and upgraded to provide you the smoothest possible gaming experience! But most importantly it expresses your support for the Astral Imperium Community.

We have put a lot of thought into how we could reward those of you that support Astral Imperium and felt that it was important to make any rewards as meaningful to players as possible, but at the same time provide no in-game advantage. We feel we have accomplished this and hope you all enjoy the added incentive to donate and support Astral Imperium.

All donations are cumulative, meaning if you donate £10 one day and £20 another, you’ll receive the £30 rewards. These can be built up over time leading to better and better rewards.

You will get all of the donation packages leading up to the amount that you have donated. For example, if you donated £25 for the Silver package, you will also get the Bronze package.




Bronze - £10






Silver - £25






Gold - £40






Platinum - £100






Diamond - £200+


What are the donations used for?


All of the donations are put towards the community and not for any personal gain. Below is a list of a few things that these donations help support!

  • With the recent launch of the three servers cluster, donations are more than ever appreciated to help keep a stable support for all of our players.
  • Paying for the server upgrade that took place in April 2016. This was a major hardware upgrade for the server and has provided a smoother experience for everyone, whilst also allowing us to expand the player cap and launch the AstralArk cluster.
  • Last but not least, any donations are also put towards the general running costs of the server.


Supporters of Astral Imperium

Character Name Donation Rank
Korg Leaf 75px-artifact_of_the_devourer
Shadewie 75px-artifact_of_the_destroyer_scorched_earth
Anonymous 75px-artifact_of_the_destroyer_scorched_earth
Anonymous 75px-artifact_of_the_destroyer_scorched_earth
Aitenlabs 75px-artifact_of_the_massive
Anonymous 75px-artifact_of_the_massive
Anonymous 75px-artifact_of_the_skylord
Anonymous 75px-artifact_of_the_skylord

Donation Rules & Clarification


Donations do not exempt you from server or community rules, nor do they entitle you to server admin privileges. Additionally, while community members’ perspectives are weighed deeply into decisions, it should be understood that donating does not entitle you to formal voting or decision-making authority on community matters.

The donation rewards are valid for any donations made from September 2016 on-wards. Donor benefits may change from time to time as this evolves and we add new rewards, any additional rewards that are added at a later date can be claimed by players who have the relevant donation rank. 

  • Custom dino colours - Pick the colours you wish for your dino on its gamepedia page. Only natural colours are eligible, we won't accept any colour that is not showing in the page. Please send us a message on steam with the gamepedia link, and the commands you want us to apply on your dino, e.g. : " cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 26 cheat SetTargetDinoColor 4 25 cheat SetTargetDinoColor 5 27 "
  • Rename your character - You can claim a new character name within 7 days after the date of your donation