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AstralArk Cluster Results

The poll results are in! The final count is 70.4% in favor of moving to the new cluster, and 29.6% opting to stay on the current one. As there was no 75% majority, there will be no wipe of the […]


Donation Perks

To show our appreciation for the support that you all show to the AstralArk server and the wider community, we have decided to implement some perks for those of you that donate and help keep the Astral servers running. We […]


Dino Imprinting – Update

After several weeks of research and testings, we have finally found how we could change the imprinting settings to make it accessible for every kind of players on the server. As a reminder, our main goal was to have a […]


Arena Launch

The Arena officially starts again from Saturday 16th, if you wish to attend please use the signup links to the right, or by using the links on the left hand side of the main page. 


Server Fast Save/Load Enabled

The server has been changed over to use the experimental fast save/load code that has been released by the developers, they have said that this approximately provides a 4x faster load time and a 75% smaller save file. From the […]


Dino Imprinting

As most of you will have seen from the previous post or in-game, the dino imprinting has been temporarily disabled. The reason for this immediate change was due to balancing concerns which we wanted to review. There has been A […]


Return of Arena

The wait is finally over, the Arena is back! We have spent a lot of time of the past weeks considering the new brackets, the location and how we could improve things from the original. Huge location with plenty of […]


Updated Rules & Changes

Settings Changes Auto Demolish Structures will now automatically be removed. The timer is at the same rate as the current PVP decay*, but instead of displaying the “demolish allowed” message it will just remove the structure. (Thatch = 4 days, Wood […]