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Star Citizen 2.4 – LIVE

Hello everyone! It’s been some time since my last update on the Star Citizen game, and I thought it was about time to let those that haven’t been keeping a close eye on it know what’s happened recently. Today – […]


Star Citizen 2.0

Star Citizen 2.0 For all of you still keeping track of Star Citizens progress, 2.0 has been announced providing the first steps into a persistent universe, multi crew ships and many other features! It’s not yet playable for everyone and […]


Star Citizen – PAX East

Take a look at the latest information from PAX EAST around Star Citizen and the up and coming dogfight module! During the Star Citizen panel, space flight in the game was shown off in all of its glory including an assortment […]


Star Citizen Organization & Clan Tag

For those of you who have already jumped on the Star Citizen band wagon, please make sure you signup  to our Organization here. Also if anyone is interested in spending some time managing the Organization’s page then let me know! […]


10 Reasons to buy Star Citizen

Hopefully this game needs no introduction, but in case you’ve you’ve missed it! Take a look at the 10 reasons why Star Citizen will be one of the all time greats. At the time of writing this post the current […]