Author: Shadowsong


Maintenance – Server Move

The AstralArk servers, website and teamspeak will shortly be relocating to a new location for a few months. This is only temporary until I move to my new place, but will cause a small disruption to all services during the […]


AstralArk – New Mod

As of today a new mod has been enabled across the AstralArk cluster called Builder’s Improvements. As the name states, the whole purpose of the mod is to improve upon the current building system and fix a lot of those […]


New AstralArk Admins

I’m pleased to announce that Midget Gems and Gareth will be joining the AstralArk admin team in a moderator capacity as of today. They are two of the longest standing players on the server and have both shown to be […]


ORP2 – Offline Raid Protection Mod

We will be trialing the ORP2 mod on the AstralArk cluster for 1 week, starting on the 3rd of January. Assuming all goes well, then this will remain as our standard offline raid prevention system. Please read the below info […]


Offline Raid Protection

We have decided at least for the short term, that Offline Raid Protection will be enabled across the AstralArk cluster. This is due to the huge amount of offline raiding reports we receive everyday, more then we or even a […]


Recruiting Moderators

As you all know, our community, forum and servers have been expanding a lot lately, this is why we would like to see who would be interested in becoming a moderator within the Astral Imperium community. As a moderator, you […]


AstralArk Arena Server

We are pleased to announce the return of Arena! It’s been a long time coming, but we are certain you will enjoy what we have in store for you. What has changed?  Arena is now hosted on a dedicated PVE […]


Ark Tek Tier Update

For those of you who haven’t seen already, the ARK: Survival Evolved Tek Tier Trailer is out! Only some basic information is available so far, which you can read here. But it looks like full details of the preview should […]