Author: Lolite


AstralArk – IP address change

Now that Shadow moved the server to his new place, the different IP addresses have changed. Please use the following links to connect to the different servers: – The Center – The Island – Scorched Earth – Ragnarok – Aberration […]


The future of AstralArk

It’s been a long time since our last update regarding our AstralArk cluster and the main reason for that is due to a lot of uncertainty around the servers’ availability during Shadow’s house move. However things are finally moving along […]


AstralArk Changes – 02/03/17

What’s been changed?  As of now, any abandoned dinos will be automatically destroyed after 20 days of player inactivity. This has been increased beyond the 8 days used by official servers so it falls in line with the metal demolish […]


Ark day & night cycle

We have adjusted the day and night cycle across all three servers in the cluster, this will take effect from the next overnight reboot. Impact The day time is now slightly shorter, roughly 10 minutes or so. These extra 10 […]


AstralArk servers maintenance

As most of you have probably noticed, the three servers have been under maintenance for some time. We were trying to fix a major issue happening during character transfers, that was causing some characters to be lost after transferring from […]


General reminder & Upcoming changes

We would like to remind everyone of a couple of important rules on the new server cluster that are currently not being followed by some players and tribes. Please read and understand the below points, especially if they concern you […]


AstralArk Server Cluster

With all the changes recently regarding server clusters and transfers among our own community, we came up with an idea that we thought may help rejuvenate the servers and the community. We would like to include The Island map to our […]


Dino Imprinting – Update

After several weeks of research and testings, we have finally found how we could change the imprinting settings to make it accessible for every kind of players on the server. As a reminder, our main goal was to have a […]