Author: EnDoom


Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta Keys – First Come First Served

Today I checked my emails to find 4 beta keys for Heroes of the Storm, so I’m passing these on to you! 1) XBDR4G-C24V-D4XTPN-2DD2-P86MZ6 2) NDB64X-9FKE-PFWT49-YRNY-2Z2Y7V 3) X64RPC-ZGGG-CYMTNB-C7HK-H7F9TZ 4) ZJ8VFV-WEKG-PXWKZC-DNG6-X7MG2E


Battlefield Hardline – Out Tomorrow

Battlefield Hardline is out tomorrow, and from what I can tell it looks wicked! Having just upgraded my rig I can really do with a game to push my hardware, WoW, HotS, and CS-GO just ain’t doing it right now. […]


Screenshot Competition – Results

It was a close call for me but CONGRATULATIONS to Pippen who takes home a 30 slot Hexweave Bag for his submission above. I love the pose and the overall feel of the SS. Honorable mention goes to Naturalna, showcasing […]


WoW Screenshot Competition

Greetings Heroes, I am pleased to announce AI’s first World of Warcraft screenshot competition! For your chance to have your screenshot featured on the home page and to take home a brand spanking new Hexweave Bag hot off the loom, […]


Top 5 Blizzard Concerns

I’ve not really had a lot of time to play much of anything recently, but there have been a lot of issues that have been playing on my mind with regards to the direction Blizzard have been going with Warcraft. […]


Heroes of the Storm – Closed Beta

Blizzard are taking on the popular MOBA scene with their new free to play title Heroes of the Storm, where you play as your favorite heroes from the Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo franchises, which has been in Closed Beta for […]