Astral Imperium’s Ark Server


AstralArk has been around since Ark was launched in June 2015 and over this time has grown into a really strong and active community, with regular events organised by both the admins and the community itself. The server is well moderated by a number of active admins who ensure the server rules are followed and that any cheaters are swiftly dealt with.

The server has a wide variety of different players, from casual to the very hardcore so there is something for everyone. The server does have PVP enabled and as such you are within your right to raid other players, but we do have a strict no offline raiding or griefing policy that is enforced by the admins. That being said, the community on the server overall is very peaceful and helpful to one another. 

If you are a new player, I don’t think you will find a better server out there, we look forward to seeing you in-game!

– Astral Imperium


Admin Info

While we are admins of the server, we do still play the game as players and as such will interact with others. However we do have a strict no raiding policy so you will not have to worry about us attacking your base or any generic “admin abuse” comments. 

That being said, we will defend ourselves if attacked and will come to the defense of others if we so choose. All of these actions are done as a player and no admin cheats or benefits are used, doing that would ruin the game very quickly. All admin commands are logged on the server and are periodically checked to ensure no abuse is taking place.