AstralArk – New Mod


AstralArk – New Mod

As of today a new mod has been enabled across the AstralArk cluster called Builder’s Improvements. As the name states, the whole purpose of the mod is to improve upon the current building system and fix a lot of those annoying issues that everyone experiences while building a base. We have been looking for a building mod such as this for a while, however this is the first one we have seen that focuses on improving the original core game and not adding extra engrams etc. to make up for it.

Here are the main features of this mod:

  • This mod adds additional “snap points” to the following structures:
    • Foundations: stack floors on top of each other
    • Walls: walls can be snapped side by side
    • Ceilings: support for pillars and crop plots (in future update)
    • Ramps: railings can be snapped to ramps and sloped roofs
    • Pillars: pillars now have an additional snap point for other pillars
    • Crop Plots: crop plots can be snapped on foundation
  • This mod limits collision (you can build closer to the environment) 
  • This mod extends nearby foundation requirements for walls and ceilings to 16 structures instead of two
  • This mod disables foundations snapping to ground, so you can snap foundations together so long as the first one is placed on the ground
  • The mod is extremely lightweight (0.2MB) and adds NO new structures or engrams
  • Removing this mod does not affect VANILLA structures, which are placed with this mod active
  • More info can be found here 




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